Learn from the Tree

 Be like the Tree!

The tree is the ultimate sage

Her existence is an affirmation to her qualities

Do we not ponder over such a creation?

Oh so much to learn from her

Her roots determine her strength

These roots are hidden from man’s sight

 Is the tree not amongst the humblest of created things?

She stands on guard, be it day or night

She shades all that pass and rest beneath her

there is no criteria for this

Her love is all-encompassing

Anyone is welcome to rest at her feet

A home for little creatures, a haven for mighty beasts

She whispers “welcome, welcome!”

She begs not yet sips in humility whatever befalls her;

 be it from the heavens or the gardener’s watering can.

Her gratitude is the fruit and flowers she bears

By means of her, mankind survives

She may be found almost anywhere

From the most remote Island, the highest hilltop

Even the barren desert wanes for her presence

She stands in obedience and will remain as long as she is in good use

Neglect her not, for she is a source of wisdom.

Her love is selfless

Ponder over her qualities and become a beautiful tree

Become, Become.

(AJ poetry)