Keeper of the Secret

In a land where free speech is against the norm, one is forced to keep their beliefs secret

These convictions linger in the heart anxious to be let out..

Yet they are sealed within this marvellous chamber

Belief is strengthened, hearts are engraved

One seems to think herself as a 'keeper of a great secret'

Wherever the keeper goes, the secret is gently diffused

Likened to a faint aroma of a beautiful essence

Only when like souls meet, a deep ecstacy is felt sharing the secret.. unable to withold

These souls depart yet long to reuinte once again

Amongst the masses they pose to be like the rest in belief and conduct

Their hearts are elsewhere; in a land far off

Will a time come, where all will be free to express..

Until so..they continue in silence

Their only regrett..

To reveal the secret to the one who is unfit

 A great mistake indeed 

Their secret is love.