Her Karbala, Her Secret

 I once knew a girl

She had a very big heart,

Her uncertain childhood was a reflection of her inner strength,

a heavenly gift

A natural charisma & attraction she carried

Rarely went unnoticed, a source of envy for many

Her heart's door was open

she remained firm as a rock to her values

A distinguished ability she possessed

connecting to the deeper self in others, quite naturally

A woman of depth

Yet the shallow perceive her not

Wisdom dawned upon her early

Not by will, neither by choice

Rather by submitting with positive certitude

To the course of life's unpredictable journey

Her Connection and Love for her Creator

Is her personal secret; the essence of all her strength

She is a keeper of the light, like her Noble Ancestor Imam Hussain (A.S)

She carries the tradition of her great Grandfather

For these class of men & women, Karbala is second nature

For those who recognize and know pain

She is a source of Inspiration and Hope

She is and always will be