I Fell in Love with All

I fell in love with the sun, the moon, the stars

Trees rocks, and the bird

I fell in love with  people, strangers and friends

Those souls you brought in front of me

I loved


For you

Everthing has become a means to love you


Now all  has been snatched from me


There is no sun, no moon, no stars

Trees rocks or birds

No people

Nowhere in sight

I’ve been stripped bare

I am a prisoner

Who does not know between

Day or night

All those I was in love with have vanished

Nowhere in sight

Was I thinking this love was the end and all

The proof of love for Thee?

The test is now


Now I am alone

My heart broken


My thirst unquenched

An insatiable appetite

My heart must turn to Thee

Yet I continue to spin

My vision blurred

My heart a compass

I search to set my heart upon..

Yet there is nothing left

No options

Oh most sought after One!

I spin, I turn

I am in a daze

I have fallen

Lift me.

(AJ poetry)