Life's Calling Work You Are Naturally Great At The First Aspect of Work You Love Do you want to know what professions you can excel at? Do you feel like you could be great at something, you just don’t know what it is?

Finding the first aspect of work you love is not that hard, once you know that your gifts and talents point the way to the work you can excel at.

For example ...

having a "green thumb" means you excel at growing things and could be great in Life Path 2 occupations like farmer, horticulturist, botanist, orchard manager, or landscaper knowing a hit song when you hear it would be an asset working in a Life Path 3 profession such as musician band manager, talent agent, song writer, radio/video disc jockey, music composer, demo singer, music executive, or critic being good at sensing weather changes would be a very useful talent for a weather forecaster (meteorologist), tornado hunter, coast guard officer, commercial fisherman, or air traffic controller establishing instant rapport means you have a gift that could make you excel at being a comic, life coach, counselor, salesman, or telemarketer
Your gifts and talents give you an affinity for certain types of work. And because they represent natural skills you already have or can easily develop, you can quickly understand why you will excel when you use them.

Great work is the first aspect of work you love because when you are naturally great at your work, it is easy to be passionate about what you do.

Work You Are Passionate About The Second Aspect of Work You Love Are you finding it hard to find work you are passionate about? If you think it is just a matter of luck or chance, you may not be looking in the right places. Like any treasure hunt, the clues can be subtle and hard to follow unless you know what to look for.

To make it easier, we studied what puts the passion into the work you love and discovered five critical elements ...


Things You LoveThese are the tangible objects that you are inspired and thrilled to use everyday. Activities You LoveThese are the tasks and projects that define the "doing" aspect of doing what you love. Places You Love These are the locations that inspire and motivate you -- where you feel like you belong. People You LoveThese are the customers, co-workers and bosses that you love to work with. Experiences You LoveThese are the events and situations that make your work meaningful.

Sometimes in the daily grind of life, we lose sight of the things that we love and make our jobs meaningful. When you know that passion is a natural part of the workplace, you can start to look around for the things that inspire you.

Work You Care Deeply About The Third Aspect of Work You Love Are you looking for work that is more than just a paycheck? Do you want to feel like your job makes a difference and fulfills your life purpose?

We discovered that three elements create meaningful work -- the third aspect of work you love. To find the work you care deeply about, you need to look for a livelihood that allows you to spend your workday focusing on the things which give it meaning ...


The Problems You Love to SolveThe world is filled with problems which individuals, groups and businesses will pay you handsomely to solve for them. The Issues You Love to AddressGiving a voice to an issue can start the ball rolling on raising awareness and the will to find a solution. The Needs You Love to FulfillBasic human needs and wants create sustainable work for millions of people and an opportunity for creativity.

Working on something you care about transforms dreary and meaningless workdays into opportunities to make a real difference in the areas you feel are most important. For some, it is a way to tangible start to express their life calling.

So whether you feel compelled to build a better mousetrap, preserve human rights or ensure the survival of the planet -- there are millions of issues, problems and needs just waiting for someone to work on them.







Work That Calls To You The Fourth Aspect of Work You Love Do you feel like you are called to accomplish great things, but you do not know what they are?

Life callings awaken us and summon us to our destiny. But it takes courage to listen and follow our hearts. And it takes commitment to seek out the support and tools we need to translate our vision into a well paying career or business concept.

Life callings are challenging, because many times they require us to grow in ways that transform our life. Sometimes the transformation is so radical it feels like we are undergoing a personal metamorphoses to change from a caterpillar into a butterfly. For some of us this is a necessary step, because we cannot crawl to our destiny, we have to fly.

This fourth aspect of work you love, although a challenging one to find, truly transforms the work you do. Finding it brings a new sense of empowerment and momentum to your workday. Routine chores take on new meaning. Distractions and synchronicities start to fit within the larger picture of what you are working towards. And chance meetings make sense when you know the reason behind the work you are called to do.

To find the work that calls to you, you need to discover your life calling



Life Calling Ingredient Eight of Your Dream Job Do you feel a deep, quiet invocation to become or do something extraordinary? Life callings can be a bit overwhelming. But, at the heart of every one is a simple idea about what you want to accomplish or how you want to change the world. What makes them so complex is figuring out how to translate your ideas into making a living at it in the real world.

The first place to start is by developing a very clear idea of your life calling, specifically the impact you want to have. Identifying your touchstones -- the ideas behind the movies, books and songs that resonate deeply with you – is a good first step. So is connecting with your inner guidance or voice. Together, they can help you define your life calling.

So, what do you feel called to do? Do you feel called to …

protect an endangered species help people heal themselves be an advocate for children rescue abandoned animals become a business tycoon help people regain their vision teach children how to play the piano create innovative gourmet recipes understand the mysteries of the universe explore the frontier of gene therapy

Life callings are wake up calls to put our gifts and talents to good use and become actively engaged in realizing our life purpose. Most people think either too small or too grand. Your life calling is really just a simple idea applied to a few select people or the entire world. And because the number of ideas and causes that need someone to champion them in this world is almost infinite - one of them is calling to you. Now, are you ready to answer it?