List of Life Ways
Finding Your Purpose In The Modern World One of the unique things that unite all humans is a search for why they exist. For many, just knowing that
you are unique on this planet is not enough.

We crave a way to make sense of our journey through life and to understand the meaning of big and small events in our lives.

If you want to find your life purpose, the place to start is by looking over a list of possibilities. This list draws on sources of ancient wisdom and modern texts to give you a starting point for thinking about the major theme that winds itself like a thread through the events and synchronicities of your life.

You can think of this list as a starting point to get you thinking about the one or two things that you most value, unconsciously seek out, or love to experience.

Way of Life Way of Peace Way of Wisdom Way of the Word & Symbol Way of Sacred Enigmas Way of Love Way of Service Way of Energy Way of Potential Way of Mastery Way of Justice Way of Perspective Way of Growth & Learning Way of Balance Way of Renewal Way of Truth Way of Nature Way of Form Way of Higher Consciousness Way of Evolving Way of Beauty & Harmony Way of Play
You don't have to choose just from this list, but it does help you understand the type of life theme you are looking for. Often, our life purpose is best expressed in our own words -- but built upon or put into the context of the life purposes other people have explored and lived. Finding that connection makes it much easier for you to find the resources you are interested in and learn more about your specific life way.

Once you have found the right words for your life purpose, you will start to see a connection between the way you make your way through the world and the issues and things that form the pivotal, peak and ordinary events of your daily life. And this insight can change the way you think about yourself, as well as the challenges, obstacles and opportunities you face

The Nine Life Paths
A New Way To Think About Work Do you need an easy way to quickly find the work you excel at? Are you overwhelmed by the thousands of work choices available? If so, life paths can help you understand how the world of work is organized and discover the work that best fits your skills and passion.

If you organize your list of
dream job or business ingredients into our life path groups, you can see how your unique ingredients fit into career categories. And that can help you start to bridge the gap between your ingredient list and the lists of professions, trades and careers open to you.

Below we give you a brief description of each of the nine major life paths, as well as our version of the "no path" many of us end up on.


Life Path One: Pioneer, Explorer, Discoverer, Inventor & Visionary

Life Path One emphasizes working with the "new" through the activities of exploring, inventing, and envisioning. People who follow this path are at the forefront of scientific, cultural and social development. They excel at leaping into the unknown and making it known.


Life Path Two: Nurturer, Caregiver, Counselor, Advisor & Developer

Life Path Two focuses on developing people, plants, animals, and everything else. People who follow this life path excel at improving life for everyone by nurturing the things around them. They love to make things grow - whether that is money, livestock or a spiritual life.


Life Path Three: Artist, Writer, Performer, Actor, Musician & Expressive

Life Path Three emphasizes expression in all its forms - writing, composing, painting, performing, acting, sculpting. People who follow this path create illusions and allusions which reveal the truth about ourselves, our world, and our place in it. They are drawn towards sharing their ideas, feeling and thoughts with others.


Life Path Four: Planner, Designer, Builder, Organizer & Manager

Life Path Four emphasizes translating materials and ideas into physical form through the activities of planning, organizing, building and managing. People who follow this path give shape to our world by creating the physical things in it.


Life Path Five: Adventurer, Warrior, Cowboy & Protector

Life Path Five is about seeking adventure, protecting others, facing danger, overcoming risks and triumphing. People who follow this path deal with risk to ensure peace and security for all of us, as well as create thrilling adventures.


Life Path Six: Teacher, Healer, Knowledge Worker

Life Path Six focuses on creating, sharing and using knowledge to teach, heal and conduct business. People who follow this path illuminate the world by communicating concepts. ideas and ideals.


Life Path Seven: Researcher, Scientist, Journalist, Philosopher

Life Path Seven emphasizes researching, experimenting and documenting using facts, theories, and formulas. People who follow this path study and investigate the reality of our world. They seek to unearth the truth and share it with all of us.


Life Path Eight: Executive, Owner, Founder, Director, Administrator

Life Path Eight focuses on directing and leading others. The emphasis is on establishing, directing and governing people, projects and organizations. People who follow this path excel at taking responsibility and sharing authority.


Life Path Nine: Guide, Mentor, Sage, Humanitarian, World Leader, Philanthropist

Life Path Nine emphasizes guiding and mentoring others. The focus is on finding and showing the way to others so they can find what they seek -- whether that is a scenic trail through the forest, a safe path to world peace, or a way to reach enlightenment.


Life Path Zero: Going Around In Circles, Wanderer In The Desert, Lost

Life Path Zero is a path taken by people who have not found their focus -- people still exploring all the possibilities or searching for what they want to do with their life. People who take this path are sampling a wide range of professions or taking a life detour.