On Metamorphosis

Did you ever wonder at the caterpillar who transforms into an elegant creature? A butterfly. The winged form of a butterfly has been used as a symbol for the human soul since ancient times. The physical metamorphosis of a butterfly has been compared to the inner force, a revolutionary transformation, a powerful energy that can bring about complete change. A change of the self, one that directly affects our physical self, our surroundings and this very universe in which we exist upon.. Portrayed through the imagery of butterflies is the transforming process of spiritual rebirth. A most beautiful change. Within each of us exists this very force, an inherent ability awaiting to be discovered!  For some buried deep, others a way of life. To ignite this metamorphosis within us, the key is intent or will.  A sacred duty to become and by doing so you are helping others become...beautiful within.

 "METAMORPHOSIS "is a metaphor for the rupture of the imaginary cocoon (bad habits, traumas, blocks, diseases and illusions) that most of us have in our lives. This breakthrough gives us freedom to fly towards the light of joy, love and consciousness of who we are, where we find the ultimate purpose of life." (Karina Yami)