The Beduouin and the Merchant  

You are 'Bedouin' He proclaimed

Is this a joke, some kind of game?

No! This calling truly befits my name

A descendant of  Al Hijaaz

Claiming to be a  'Bedouin with a Cause'

I swear to you, I know who is who and who WAS

If one can feel the other's heart

This surely means, 'now you are part..'

A city dweller reclaims her Arab roots

While Merchants and Bedouins fericiously dispute

Now the two  must unite without reclaiming eachother's Right

For you both are brothers In a land of love

So please take this olive branch and holy white dove

From me to you I humbly say 'Let's stop our quibbling'

And let's not betray...

I confess to you this land speaks to me

I too am a part of your rich history

The tree, camel, Bait ul Ateeq, the mystical peacock and even the Red Sea!

All in her tongue of eloquent mastery

Her message is UNITY

Come, oh Merchant!

Come, Oh Bedu!

Let's cast away our broken hearts

Mend our differences, forget the past

Let's embalm ourselves with the Oud of Arabia

And make ourselves a living Utopia