Real Light

There is class of men

Who eagerly anticipate the rising of the Sun

It is the light which they desire

The simple transition from night to day

From dark to light

Others would rather stay engrossed in deep slumber

Or be overcome with dread

Bearing the thought to rise

And face the beauty of the day.

When its rays manifest the entire Universe is lit

Many would rather close their curtains shut

Tint windows or adorn sun glasses ..

Yet the one who awaits this glorious light also mourns when it sets

 For these individuals the light does more than simply shine

Its rays penetrate the soul and engrave the heart

With notes of love and secrets so sweet

That if all senses failed and memory diminished

This very heart lives on, unable to erase the everlasting message

Be it the Sun, Moon and all the constellations proclaim otherwise

Challenging the secret..

This heart shall not believe


In actuality the light which shone containing the message

Was only a conduit of the Real Light

How can Truth be forgotten?

(AJ poetry)