Tears of Blood (Abul Hasan)   Built by Angels as the House of Ateeq, Then by Adam Marked by Abraham's feet The Holy Kaba was built, and built again The symbol of Monotheism, the Secret of Human A sign of unity and for the worship of One The direction of Hymn for all under the Sun She is our symbol She stood in the barren valley with conviction Persevering under all extreme condition Her family the Hanifs Her religion their Peace (Islam) Yet do we realize.. That She was skillfully placed Amongst the Valley of Bekkah To be protected by the Mountains of Makkah. The gracious Desert surrounding her, Yet fertile as "Stop Flowing, Stop Flowing" by the Sigh of Hajer She stood with this family for even longer Her love for them, her attachment.. Likened to Mother Earth Today she cries blood Her ancient family has been snatched, Call it rape or murder The worst brutalities in her history.. She sees it all She witnessess all this It is happening now Yet she is silent Her language is ancient unknown to most Shedding tears of blood Heralding Divine Mercy, Likened to none other than Noah's flood    Her heart has been pierced akin to genocide’ 'How dare they commit these injustices' 'My natural family, what's happened to them?’
Who is listening, who is to defend this onslaught against my honor?
Surely this is the sign of the Final Hour! So She sent her armies, Who are silent, sincere and loyal To seek her Imam who is most royal Abraham's descendants Her spiritual Stewarts "Lee elafi Quraysh” Like the Ababeel, All Her Men, With Her Cry She Summons Labaik! They reply the era is nigh For this House to wipe Her tears of blood dry