The Sea of Love  

Lovers flock together like birds of a feather

 Keeping eachother's company

 An addiction

 A deadly virus

 An obligation A livelihood

A fraternity

 Food for the soul..

Their hearts connect




Albeit strangers   These lovers are likened to rocks at the seashore Some which lay upon the sand.

 Others bathing in the sea..

While the select buried beneath the seabed

 The Sea is Love!  

The rocks upon the shore anguish to enter

Those which bathe within have entered the holy chamber

While those concealed beneath have fully immersed

They cannot be percieved These ones have reached their goal..

They are One with the sea One with Love The Sea of Love!  

There are those who stroll the seashore yearning to join the stations of love..

While others; the onlookers, await invitation

The rest are busy in love with everything else but the Sea of Love

Let's take a dip into the ocean

 Let's taste real Love

Let's experience Eternal Love

The Sea of Love