The Stranger 

How is it possible to fall in love with a complete stranger?

The path of Love is full of such instances

The heart represents a mirror upon which images reflect

 The soul attracts to lights befitting its internal state

 Your love for this stranger is only a mirage

What does this love exhibit

 A light which shines through your object of love?

 Veils of light perhaps?

Secret passions perchance?

A manifestation of none but Him.?
Could it be..

Your dark side

 Your light side

Remember you are the witness

This is your secret

Ask yourself what have you witnessed

This love has jolted me like a horrendous earthquake

My vision is obscured Akin to the one seized in a sandstorm

Each speck of sand is love


Intoxication perhaps

Love is moonlight

Love is daylight

At night I only perceive the moonlight

At day I am blinded by the blazing sunlight

Nothing else seems to matter

A bizarre love indeed

May I legitimize this love?

By all means, this light is pure

The thought of separation brings deep sorrow

Premature mourning

Yet the soul rejects to ponder upon such a probability

It seems that we  wish this love to be eternal

Where union is bliss and separation is death

Now prepare for your heart's next prey.