The Tao of Islamic Chi-energy

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Our universe is a mix of positive and negative forces, good and evil, dark and light. Our lives revolve around these powerful crucial forces in which circumstances are an end product as a result of these forces. Today’s science can prove the existence of human energy fields within a being and his or her surroundings. Similarly we are affected by electro magnetic fields that carry both positive and negative charges. One may ask one’s self; ‘how do I feel on a rainy day? Stare into a field of fully blossomed flowers consisting of an array of awesome colors. Walk into a cemetery at night. Does a warm bath produce an energized or relaxed feeling? Why not drive by a golf course. Those who are attuned to their inner feelings and its sensitivities know full well that the outer world is in direct correlation to the inner world Vis a Vis.

How would you define feeling after retuning home from a short or prolonged journey? Do feelings of tension and stress overpower a longing for peace, relaxation and comfort? Realistically you are not alone. Majority of us do yearn the above mentioned feelings yet the reality for many a far fetch. The definition of home is lost and both male and female are nothing but at peace albeit home, office etc. Alternatively, we seek these lost feelings of comfort, relaxation and peace outside our home to only to realize disappointment. The reason can simply be stated that the home is a neglected domain altogether and all our energies have been invested everywhere else or minimal at home.

It is entirely up to us to rein fuse positive energy into our homes and rid of negative energy from this very domain. This task is not as simple as the disposing a dead mosquito, rather likened to the enormous task of removing a buffalo’s dead carcass along with its bloody stench during the in-home slaughter. Below is a simply table covering all the vital areas of one’s home. (One must be able to understand the basic fundamentals and laws prior to bringing this into practice. Once this is understood a clear picture of ‘how to’ work with each room on a practical level will follow in this guide. These are basic, general guide lines and can be interchanged within one’s target areas of work.






General Concept:

Both negative and positive energy is produced, generated and manifest and connected to our senses.


Basic theory on the Universal Law of Attraction:

What is the Law of attraction?

Everything in this universe is made up of Energy. Everything including our physical characteristics and our thoughts are made up of energy.

The Law of Attraction says you attract from outside what you resonate from inside. So keeping a positive attitude & focusing on your success you will attract them. Similarly being pessimistic & having a depressed attitude you attract bad & unwanted experiences.

Law of attraction

The universe is governed by the universal laws. These are the basic principles of life. These laws always apply to everyone and cannot be broken or changed. These are the divine laws

Negative thoughts & limiting beliefs are buried deep inside us. It is very important to change the old habits that limit from receiving what you ask for.

The Secret Laws of Attraction revolves around three basic steps:

ASK: You must know what you want. You must also ask what you want. There is a huge difference between what you need and what you really want. Understand what you want and ask for it.

BELIEVE: You need to truly believe what you are asking. Doubts or negative thoughts creates barrier between you and the universe. Leave all the details to the universe. Let the Universe figure out the method of delivery, when you will receive it, etc. Be doubt-free. All you need to do is BELIEVE that you will get what you are asking.

RECEIVE: When opportunity comes your way you must not hesitate. You have to be an active player to take what the universe is giving you.






Other definitions include:

You get what you think about, whether wanted or unwanted.

All forms of matter and energy are attracted to that which is of a like vibration.

You are a living magnet.

You get what you put your energy and focus on, whether wanted or unwanted.

Energy attracts like energy

everything draws to itself that which is like itself.







See Table 1. Below






Un cleanliness (bodily & environmental)




Unnatural (color, objects and materials)



Cleanliness (bodily and environmental)






Keep your self clean physically at all times-body, clothes) Keep all rooms and areas clean, clutter free, organized and dirt free. Bring natural elements in home: wood, water, steel, wicker, glass, stones(gems, crystals) etc.-stay away from plastics and unnatural colors)

During the day let in lots of sunlight.


Bad odors (physical body and environment)

Natural aromas and fresh air

Keeping one’s physical body clean at all times will keep all odors, filth at bay)

Use aromatherapy (essential oils, pure incense...) Keep in mind what feelings you wish to achieve with particular aromas)

Fresh, clean air circulation extremely important for positive indoor air quality...

a)Speech b)Taste

a)Abusive language, swearing, obscene speech, pessimism

b) Toxic foods, processed high fat food, unhealthy diet.

a)Decent speech, kind words, beneficial speech and advice, optimism, Koranic recitation, God’s remembrance; ziker,

b)Taste: healthy foods, raw, natural foods

Charge yourself with positive affirmations, optimism, good advice and God’s remembrance. Keep good company which increases your love for God.

B) Choose foods that are found in nature (non-processed) Organic and energizing foods. Dead foods produce nothing but depression, weight gain, draining effects on the body‘s energy level and are overall toxic. A body loaded with toxins is a negative, self destructive organ causing harm to one’s self and others.

Touch and movement

a)Physical abuse on any living subject(superior or inferior) misuse of physical strength

b)Left Hand and Foot

Touch: be gentle, good intent, love kindness

Right Hand and Foot.

Movement: Exercise and physical activity.

Charge yourself with positive energy by brining love as the nucleus of our physical gesture, touch and Divine pleasure. Give/receive with the right, help, cook, heal, Left hand strictly for cleaning bodily and environmental impurities. Enter home with right foot and leave with left. Enter washroom with left and exit with right. Follow Sunnah traditions for full charge. Daily physical activity (outdoor walk, exercise, martial arts, yoga, tai chi and meditative practices keep the body optimally charged feeling fresh, charged with new energy that is positively functional. A stagnant lethargic lifestyle produces stagnant, draining negative energy.


Obscene talk, abusive language, unnatural sounds (constant electrical machines. Neg. charged music (promoting promiscuity, violence and hate.

Any form of character defamation (listening or speaking)

All Beneficial speech (worldly, religious and spiritual)

Islamic Music producing positive, beneficial reminders and messages) Speak good of others, Koranic recitation


Observe silence for a small portion daily. Enjoy no sound. Listen to nature’s sound. Listen to Beneficial speech and Music-as as therapy for the soul. Good sound uplifts the soul, brings out negativity and generates positive new life to the dull and depressed heart.


Associated with all negative thoughts (see above examples in this column)

Pessimism, loss, blame, in accountability, sorrow, suffering, inability and revenge, un trust, failure

Associated with all positive thoughts (see above examples in this column)

Optimism, solutions, ownership, responsibility, able, hope, forgiveness, Faith in God


As much as we can help it, we must be conscious of our thoughts. Make our thoughts positive; convert all negative transmitted sounds to positive thoughts. Have hope and full faith and Trust in God’s mercy, forgiveness and treasures.


A Place for Everything

General Rules:

Imagine the sight of trees in the ocean, planets on earth, vegetables falling from the sky. Not a pretty sight! The natural system of Allah also has a natural order. Observe the beauty and natural order of the creation. Now observe the order in your home. Aim to organize your home and have it run in a systematic manner complementing the natural order. Is your home a doomsday chaos? If so, the tips provided in this work may prove beneficial.

Everything listed below should have a place of its own. Neatness can only become reality when items are categorically organized and placed in their designated place. A home with no order is not a home, rather a pit stop.

List of everyday items in homes to consider organizing:




Hats (seasonal)

Outdoor accessories (scarf’s, mitts)

Sport and leisure equipment

Books-shelved properly (separate adults and children’s)


CD’s, DVD, VHS...sorted and shelved

All paper work/office work be kept in official office space (filed, stored in a sorted manner)

Bills, statements, budgets, children’s reports, special work... etc filed in filing folder (clearly labeled, sorted and easily retrievable. Bills should not be stuffed in drawers or lost in unknown territories...

Office supplies are sorted neatly in drawers, easily accessible to all. (Staples, envelopes, pen, paper, glue, tape, paper clips, tacks etc...In office not bedrooms.

Excess paperwork and paper clutter thrown in recycling bins.

Separate waste bins for bath rooms, kitchen, bedrooms, office and recyclable/ compost materials.

Notice board (cork or white board/ magnetic) in office or kitchen easily read by all members. Messages be put on board, not on tissues and junk mail, etc)

*Note: Telephones in traffic areas should have a note pad and pen at hand always for messages/ notes.

Medicine: All medicine, first aid, medical supplies are stored in a separate cabinet, away from child’s reach.

Linens (bath, dining, hand towels, decorative linens sorted and stored in a designated closet.

Clothing hung in closets, sorted according to season, occasions etc... His and hers separate. Drawers for undergarments sorted and neatly kept.

Toys: organized and sorted in bins, baskets or designated shelf space. Toys can be categorized in many ways, but the general rule is to sort them separately so child can locate and put away easily (stuffed toys, Lego’s, wooden blocks, puzzles, small figures, cars, tracks, dress up clothes and accessories, dolls/rag dolls and outdoor toys..) Rule: all toys should not be dumped in one large bin/toy chest/box. Keep the toys simple, durable and incorporate the classics. Avoid plastic and battery operated toys that are generally very toxic and hazardous for children.

Art corner in the home: an area with art media, tools etc clean and neat always ‘ready’. Inviting for both adults and children to be creative. Smocks, waste bins, supplies should be easily accessible.

Cleaning products stored separately

Brooms, vacuum, mops in a designated area, preferable away from view.

Gardening and outdoor tools and materials stored separately in garage

Tool boxes, screws, nails hammer, bicycle repair kits etc all in ONE place.

Outdoor toys Bikes, skates, scooters toboggans, sand shovels, camping equipment, sports equipment (tennis, hockey, golf garage or designated area, if indoor, away from public view (in a closed off area).



Main Entrance of Home:

Enter with right foot- your entrance with right foot brings in positive energy with your first step into home.

Enter with 'Salaam'- This sacred greeting causes evil forces to leave home. Negative forces that come in are ushered back out after this greeting- a no boarding & lodging policy.

As much as possible keep shoes in a closet or closed shoe shelf and out of sight (produces stagnant energy). Shoes should not be left to ‘hang out’ in main foyer.

Make a place, discreet to visitors; known to family- to hang keys or entry cards.

Foyer should be a clutter free zone. The first impression of entry should be calming and welcoming. If a mirror is placed in foyer it should be kept spot and dust free. Plants liven up dead corners and are a pleasant sight upon entry. Choice of plant should not be aggressive (sharp edged leaves); rather rounded leaves creating a softer fect.

Aromas: carefully choose your aroma to achieve the right atmosphere for entry. Warm woody smells with lit candles produce a cozy feeling.

In some Arab homes it is customary to keep a bowl of fennel seeds and mints in an easily accessible place in main entry.


Consider the color theme of the bedrooms. Depending on what you would like to achieve, choose the right colors. (Adult bedroom, children’s room, teens or guest room).

Choice of Aroma

Clutter free (all paper work, clothing clutter, non-bedroom items that do not belong should not be present in room.

Clothing: organized in closet. For children easy to hang-lower bars and shelving units help them independently keep clothes in order.

A hamper (in closet or bathroom) Clothes that are dirty should never be in sight, piled in corners or hidden elsewhere
(This produces negative stagnant energy). All dirty clothes be placed in hamper at all times.

Do not pile clothes behind door hangers either. All drawers should be organized (sock drawer, vests, accessories all in separated drawers and if needed baskets in drawers help sort items (belts, cufflinks, stockings etc)

Do not stuff items under bed (no exception to clutter apparent or hidden)

Qibla positioning: do not position the bed where feet face the qibla. When you sleep your right side should face qibla. This positioning has many positive health benefits. When sleeping toward the Qibla/Kaaba one's heart is recharged due to the emmense energies from this location.

Lighting for the room, choose accordingly. Let bright daylight enter the room during the day and reduce at night.

Fresh air, keeping the window slightly open allows fresh air to circulate in room and stale air out.

Keep room floors clean and clear of mess, dust regularly furniture, keep mirror clean and spot free. Linens should be washed weekly.

For children’s rooms a work area for homework, preferably near good natural light and an open play area for toys that are neatly sorted in baskets, bins, shelves. All items are put back in place after play immediately by children. Children should be made responsible for the upkeep of their rooms. All things in kid’s rooms should be kept at a reachable height.


Enter bathroom with left, exit with right. A simple oversight could bring bad energy from bathroom directly into home.

Keep separate bathroom slippers only to remain in bathroom for bathroom use only. These should NOT be worn out and about.

Children too should be taught to use bathroom slippers during bathroom use at all times.

Hand towels for regular use. Keep bath towels used for bath away from regular washing –face and hands. These should be laundered regularly.

Keep windows and mirrors clean, spot free. Walls, doors, doorknobs, and floor boards dust, grime and finger mark free.

Floors cleaned daily for dust and hair.

Sinks, toilet and bathtub and tiles are kept clean 2 times a week or more depending of usage. Grime and dirt free sinks very important.

Counters are kept clutter free. A cabinet to keep personal use/ toiletry items tucked away.

Cleaning items (non-toxic) be kept neatly in a basket under the sink cabinet. All supplies are kept neatly in cabinet below provided space is available. Keep this area simple, clutter free. Do not buy in excess if space cannot accommodate.

An absorbent towel be kept on counter to keep counters dry at all times.

Any form of najasah must be washed in bathrooms. Children’s accidents left unclean produce, odor, germs and hazards for others. The floor and toilet area should be cleansed with a specific separated cleaning/disposable wipes/ cloths. Mats be washed separate in laundry regularly. Do not mix najasah with clean items/tools (ie. separate mop for washrooms floors)

Tooth brushes: Once bristles start wearing down, replace. Do not keep retired, unhygienic sentimental toothbrushes for use. They not only look unappealing but provide no oral benefit.

The use of miswak: Research of the miswaak proves immense oral and overall spiritual benefits. Make a point to utilize the miswaak in addition to your oral hygiene routine.

Toilet lids are closed after washroom use.

Garbage bins should have be bagged and emptied regularly. Never allow overflow of garbage and monthly disposable women’s ‘gear’ be kept out of sight- a separate closed mini bin.

Doors of bathroom should be kept closed.


The kitchen being the place where food is stored, recipes created and dishes made should be extremely inviting for all family members. Most of our senses are simultaneously utilized in the kitchen and the product of our work has weighty benefits upon the entire household.

The kitchen should reflect cleanliness, sterility, esthetically appealing and highly organized.

The materials one should consider to store and use in kitchen are:

Stainless steel, glass, wood and wicker and any other durable natural material.

Cabinets should have dishes placed at easily accessible height. Stored according to plate sizes and sets. Glasses and mugs are stored in a separate cabinet from dishes, preferably cabinet closest to sink. All chipped dishes and glasses are disposed of.

Cutlery that is matching or of one set is a better option esthetically than 10 mismatched spoons and forks. Discard of bent, damaged and rusted spoons. Cutlery is stored in a drawer near dishwasher or sink arranged by a cutlery sorter tray. Keep this tray crumb and trash free. Do not mix other items in this drawer.

Same rule applies to cooking spoon. No plastic or Teflon. Use wood or steel for cooking utensils and pots. (Stainless steel- healthiest and cost effective also) Baking dishes could be clay or non-toxic material like tempered glass, corning ware etc...

Spice Jars: Use glass jars, preferably similar sizes. Glass is non toxic option, spices easily seen and esthetically neat.

Dry foods storage: Use large size (Mason Jars) to store daals, cereal, pasta, sugar, flour, nuts, cookies etc. Glass will retain the freshness and keeps plastic bags and containers from releasing toxins in dark, room temp cabinets. Sort the above assorted items according to types of food, thus easily accessible and visible.

A special cabinet for children’s dishes (whether you choose breakable or non breakable dishes for kids) a lower cabinet with dishes, glasses and utensils for kids be designated in kitchen as a kids only cabinet. They too must have easy access and independence within safe parameters.

Counters are clean, clutter free. Pennies, bills, mail and notices are kept away from kitchen counters, drawers and cabinets. The kitchen is not a dump yard. A charity jar may be placed on a table or near bulletin where notices are read easily, money placed in charity jar and not left on table tops. Bills and other mail are placed in office in their appropriate places.

Kitchen counters, appliances, cabinets, walls and floors be properly cleaned and maintained regularly. Floors that are dirty breed negativity and are extremely uninviting. Fingerprints on cabinets, walls, and backdoors are cleaned regularly.


Kitchen cloths must be washed and dried daily or every other day as a routine. Wet and overused cloths breed germs and odor. Dishwashing sponges must be thrown as soon as they start wearing down. Economizing on rotten sponges jeopardizes the entire family’s health.

Cleaning aids be stored in a basket under sink cabinet and should be non toxic cleaners (out of children’s reach).

Daily cleaning of kitchen sink a must. An after dinner routine may be adopted for ease. Kitchen sinks that are dirty, full of grease, grime and odor contain stagnant draining negative energy that fills the kitchen atmosphere.

All house hold members should keep dirty dishes at bay by washing their own plates or placing them in dishwasher after use.

Do not leave dirty pots all night for morning cleaning. This not only is unhealthy, but better sleep patterns are established when kitchen is clean and ready for the next day.

Develop a daily routine, take help and make sure that the kitchen is cleaned, dishes and pots cleaned and put away after the last meal.

Prophetic tradition requires that all left over food be covered including drink at night. Food should be put away in fridge, spoiled food thrown immediately and outdoor food/ drink items be covered thus protecting the food from spoiling and negativity.

Dispose of kitchen garbage daily and do not let it stay once full indoors.

Always replace bins with new bags.

To liven up kitchen, use bright lights for stimulation, let lots of sunlight in, appetite stimulating colors in wall color or accents and place small herb pots in kitchen, this livens up the kitchen and brings positive health benefits in cooking.

While cooking thoughts should be positive and keeping one’s heart or tongue busy with ziker transfers rays of light/noor into the food and the persons who eat the food. Thus spiritually energizing guests and household members with the remembrance of God. One must be cautious not to be in a state of impurity if unavoidable or have physical impurities (nails) when cooking as this too transfers negativity into the end product.

Home Office:

This space need not be very spacious. A small carefully chosen area/ room of the home where office work and materials be kept is essential for optimal functioning of the home.

Below are the basic items that help maintain the sanity of the home office.

A desk: paper clutter free. One or 2 items necessary pen holder and a note pad paper. Add your personal decorative touch to your desk.

If this desk has a desktop computer then same clutter free rule applies.

Keep the rule of natural elements in your environment. That includes wood, stainless steel, glass, wicker cotton & natural fibers, leather etc...

A board (bulletin, white, magnetic...) for notices, messages appointments and reminders be placed in a clearly visible area in office area.

Filing cabinet: All paperwork (bills, statements, warranties, certificates, report cards, certificates etc All folders within the filing cabinet be labeled in clearly visible print format and a continuous effort to store necessary paperwork in appropriate folders be done and an bi annual or annual inventory to trash all unnecessary paperwork. This will keep the filing cabinet excesses free. As a rule paperwork is kept minimal and majority out of site.

A shelf storing books, binders, magazines etc are kept in office for easy access, research and retrieval.

A plant kept within the office helps liven up the room and work stimulating colors should be considered for this room. Proper ventilation of fresh air flow and well lit room.

If pictures or wall hangings be kept avoid dull and depressing depictions or art.

A waste bin and a separate bin for recycling purposes (paper work) are kept near work desk area.



Prophetic teachings tell us to keep our yards clean. A lot of emphasis is made on gardening. Classical Islamic gardens were built in private and public buildings and homes to produce serenity, quiet recluse and a niche to recollect oneself. Weather one lives in a small or large home or a high rise an area bringing nature close up is vital, be it in a balcony or solarium. Zen gardens and Islamic gardens have a very strong effect upon one’s state of mind bringing one to temporary peaceful, non-stressful states.

Choose your plants and flowers carefully; selecting particular plants, trees or shrubs that attract wildlife (butterflies, birds etc) enhances your ‘outdoor’ recluse. Stimulating the audio and visual senses has very positive effects upon one’s overall health and well being.


Making a conscious effort to perfect one’s outer environment is as important as inner purification. Inner purification holds higher status in comparison but neglect on the outer is reprehensible.

Allah is beautiful and loves beauty.

The first chart (see above chart 1.)goes over the importance of bodily cleanliness:

This includes removing all dirt, impurities from ones physical body (nails trimmed, regular showers, hair kept clean, facial cleaning)

Odors: Shower daily, removal of pubic hairs regularly, applying natural body oils.

Oral care: keeping one’s mouth clean by regularly brushing not just 2 times daily. After meals and snacks, removes food particles, bacteria and plaque. Prophetic science tells us that the best of creation cleansed his mouth before and after eating and before praying, upon awaking and before sleeping. Oral health is highly emphasized in Islam. Keeping one’s tongue clean with the use of a tongue scraper removes bacteria buildup and keeps the mouth fresh and odor free. Concentration is increased with oral care. Ask yourself how it feels to talk close up with one whose breath is unpleasant. We should not be lax in this area.

Nails trimmed: nails carry thousands of bacteria, just imagine the effect on food handling and eating with the same hands.

Oiling the hair is Sunnah and this keeps hair healthy, clean, conditioned and appealing. If one does not know how to upkeep one’s skin then a) learn from a friend who knows or b) go to a parlor for cleansing. There are plenty of in home natural remedies to keep skin clean, healthy and glowing.



Natural fibers, clothing is neat in appearance (ironed), choose colors suiting your skin tone


Physical activity is extremely important for vibrant positive energy, be it daily or few times a week. Choose a method that suits your lifestyle. (Walks, gym, fitness program, yoga, aerobics, martial arts). Stagnant lifestyles produce depressed, stagnant lethargic energy and drainage.


Eating processed foods; non-natural prepare the body for toxic overload, highly toxic acidic bodies are the key ingredients for all health related problems and diseases.

Choosing natural whole foods, organic (from market or home grown) are best alternatives. Prophetic guidance in matters of foods is followed. Food combining has its roots in prophetic guidance.

The overall health of all family members is a reflection of us. We are responsible to bring the right foods in the home, educate our family members and serve healthful energizing meals to the family.


Sleeping on time and rising early is the practice of the best of mankind. Proper function in the day requires sound sleep that is consistent.

Makeup and esthetics:

Women who do wear makeup should choose non-toxic makeup. Most makeup, creams and perfumes are highly toxic for the body. Alternative products are bought.


Overall there is no excuse for us to not keep clean unless of course we work in mines! In the light of the above mentioned tips and advice our main motivation should be to become individuals emanating positive light and radiance. This includes us as individuals and the environments surrounding us which we have control over. When we perfect ourselves and our environment we will carry this light and positive energy wherever we go and become means of enlightenment.